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GhostBlind | 2020



Exhibited at the group exhibition Interdimensionale II at Gammelgaard, Herlev, Denmark.

Reflective camouflage screens for hunting, plastic foil, rock speakers, sound equipment

GhostBlind is a sculpture that tries to assimilate into the landscape, while processing its surroundings. GhostBlind consists of two camouflage screens for hunting, and four speakers shaped as rocks. The screens have been developed to reflect the landscape in order to reduce the chance of detection for the hunter. The rock speakers are usually used in pool environments or parks, where it is desired to conceal the speaker. The rocks emit a soundscape consisting of processed voice recordings, synth textures and recordings of electronic apparatuses such as microwave ovens and fridges. The screens have been modified with two quotation marks, pointing at the surroundings of the sculpture, as well as the viewer and the sounds emanating from the rocks. 

Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation



Photo: David Stjernholm

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