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GhostBlind Loading | 2021



Settergren creates an immersive artificial landscape/soundscape that plays with the dichotomies between visibility/invisibility and the idea of sound as a "ghost in the machine". GhostBlind Loading is an installation that tries to hide by various means of camouflage, though failing at this attempt. Rock speakers, usually used in pool environments or parks, where it is desired to conceal the speaker, emit a soundscape consisting of ghostly voices, synth textures and recordings of “intelligent” electronic apparatuses such as flat screens, microwave ovens and fridges. It explores the collective imagination that some spirit exists within machines, while also reflecting on the uncanny feeling of being watched. The hunting gear recalls a violent act while also pointing at humanity's attempts to simulate life.

- Curator Irene Campolmi



Photo: Julie Nymann & Stine Deja

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