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In Aestu Solis | 2018

Solo exhibition at die raum, Berlin, curated by Lotte Møller

Electrical heaters, neon spray paint, steel, polycarbonate, surface transducers, surround sound system

In Aestu Solis (In the Heat of the Sun) is the third part of a trilogy of works by Jens Settergren that utilise the tropics as an instance of a (Western) collective imaginary: The tropical cast as a heterotopia comprising both pure idyll, recreational tranquility and certain more uncanny elements. The piece made for die raum targets the human senses by way of temperature, colour and sound. For all of its apparent shortcomings and contrasts with regards to the environment it aspires to simulate — the organic wildness being reduced to a rigid and controlled simulacrum of basic sensual stimuli — the effort to do so is that much more insistent. The viewer is invited to take a seat in a lounge chair equipped with transducers, facing a triptych of sound-emitting neon-green radiators which most of all resemble a domestic altar of television screens. The high temperature is coupled with a synthetic 7-channel soundscape comprised of exotic birds, crickets, ocean waves etc., which travel through bodies and architecture.

- Curator Lotte Møller

Soundscape composed in collaboration with sound artist Sebastian Edin

Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation

Photo: Jan Windszus

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