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Incubator | 2022

Lenticular prints mounted on aludibond, 120x180 cm, custom frame, motor, wires.

Exhibited at die raum, Berlin:

In collaboration with Johannes Heldén:

Floating through a soft mist. When dissolved by terraforming technologies it reveals strange signs of a more-than-human constructor. Smooth, near frictionless, close to perfect vacuum. It seems to be in a constant state of mutation.

A stream of consciousness from the future, a text generator, a mad monolith, an ancient quantum computer, an alien life form, an archaeological artifact, a vessel, an erasure poem, an advertisement virus, a communication device, a weather machine, a planetary log, an algorithm, a bad dream, the diary of a bacteria, a lost thought, a contemporary artwork, an incubator?

Curated by: Lotte Møller

Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation

Photo: Alexander Schmidt & Jan Windszus

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