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Lenticular print on aludibond, mounted on steel frames. 220x120 cm.

Exhibited at Roskilde Festival 2022.


Is a newborn baby a human being that hasn’t been shaped by the norms of society yet? And how can we imagine the future that lies ahead of the youngest citizens of society?

Settergren has made a series of lenticular prints presenting a fetus which transforms as you pass by. It morphs between an image showing the baby as a digital grid and an image showing the baby “rendered” in flesh and blood. By showing the baby as both a digital being and a non-gendered human, Settergren points to the foetus as an image of a radical future potentiality.

With its cold and commercial aesthetics, the work – entitled Prototype – could be read as an obscure commercial for the child as a product that can be optimised in accordance with consumer demands. With its sci-fi imagery, Prototype investigates ideas of biology, biotechnology and the digital sphere and lets festival-goers reflect on the conditions of life in the future.

- Curator Sarah Pihl

Supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation, Bikuben Foundation, Roskilde Festival.



Photo: Rine Rodin

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