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Soft Interference | 2017

Presented at Struer Tracks Biennale for Sound Art, curated by Rune Søchting

TruAudio rock speakers, 8-channel surround sound system

In the piece Soft Interference 8 loudspeakers are installed in a hilly area in Struer Park. From here a voice is heard, directly addressing the audience through various vocalizations, however without any clear purpose or intention. The voice clears its throat, shushes the bypassers, and through fragmented vocalizations, breathing and other bodily sounds a space between articulation and semantic dissolution is created. This voice emanates a certain ambiguity. This ambiguityis is amplified by the choice of speakers, which take on the shape of imitated rocks, thus simulating a natural occurence while obviously being artificial.

- Curator Rune Søchting

More info here:

Sound composition for the piece in collaboration with composer and sound artist Sebastian Edin



Photo: Kathrine Uldbæk Nielsen

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