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Topos | 2018

Topos is a six-channel sound piece created in collaboration with composer and sound artist Sebastian Edin, commissioned by Errant Sound, Berlin

Working with a tropics-themed found sound library compiled solely from Hollywood feature films, Edin and Settergren have composed the six-channel piece Topos. They have chosen to focus exclusively on those sounds that, in the grand scope of Hollywood narrative, supply only a supplementary role. Room tones, ambiences, foley— sounds one might argue are present in a film not to be listened to as such, but rather not to be noticed missing, are in the present work singled out of their various (often heroic masculine) dramas and thrust centre stage. Here, contexts out of context, they are cast in roles altogether different than in their respective blockbusters. Drawing on notions of the post-acousmatic, Edin and Settergren deploy a wide range of techniques and formal strategies assembled from the acousmatic and classical western music traditions. With this set of tools, they proceed to sculpt and structure aforementioned materials— thus juxtaposing and reading these divergent auditory fields through one another.

Supported by The Danish Arts Foundation

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