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Worldbuilding | 2021

Solo exhibition, Kunstmuseum Brandts, Odense, 2021. 

10 mosaics ,1 m diameter. Murano glass mosaic, stainless steel frames, concrete pedestals.

Link to text at Kunstmuseum Brandts:

In Worldbuilding ten mosaics become portals to the human conception of cosmos. The works display versions of how humankind across time and geography has related to the universe, the stars and outer space. The mosaics work with connections between science and spirituality. By juxtaposing the two, the exhibition opens up to new narratives – portals to possible science fictions. Worldbuilding is a concept which in the science fiction genre refers to the construction of a fictional world – complete with its own history, language and geography and even solar systems and universes. As the pixel-based images of our digital age, the mosaics are made up of lots of smaller building blocks. The ancient tradition of mosaics is fused with historical motifs and the newest scientific visialisations of cosmos, sending us off to inner and outer journeys. 
- Text by curator Julie Tvillinggaard Bonde




Photo: David Stjernholm

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